Wrong Mindsets on Architect Selection

May 10, 2017 WorldMaster


In dating, there is a quotation that states:


“You attract who you are, wrong people will attract wrong people in their relationships. Stop worrying about finding the right person. Start working on becoming the right person.”


This quote does not tell us to stop looking, it’s just stop looking at the wrong places. It teaches us that if you hang out in the wrong places, you will probably get a relationship from those local folks





Negative Home builder’s Mindsets


Many home builders do not have a problem in looking for Architects, in the wrong places. The architecture guild and organizations are easily available . Most of their mistakes are in looking with the wrong motive. These are thre bad habits you might want to break while home-dating the Architect:


  1. Living Insanely Cheap.

We all want to have great value. We want our money to go farther than the typical. The difference between maximizing value and being cheap is that the first is centered on value and the latter is focused on money. The problem of forgetting the value is missing the important things.

If you are an architect, this is the client you might want to avoid like a plague. Too bad sometimes they dress well to be identified.

Note: This attitude also attracts People who will do substandard work.


  1. Meticulous Controller

Understanding what artists do is important to bringing out the best in their work. The principle is to give general direction and let them do their work. If your plan is to act out and make your architect feel that you are paying, it is no longer an architect we need, maybe a psychiatrist!


Some special areas where you are encouraged to be meticulous: selection of materials, brands, sizes of areas, functions, direction etc.


  1. The Undecisive

This third habits comes in two kinds: the confused and always changing in their decision and the undecided and influenced by their 20 friends. As an owner, you cannot buy everything, but you can have one house. You can’t have all the colors but you can choose one. Your choice does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be yours.


Note: “Architects are trained in aesthetics for a few thousand hours of class and a few more of sleepless nights doing their assignments. If they are competent, they have already figured out your color scheme – all your choice is adding the Accents to the masterpiece.”



People say that Designers and Architects do a job, but the truth is they are people too. There are Projects that generate more magic and ideas, while others are just a chore. It is certain that a house done in the heat of pure excitement is going to produce exemplary masterpiece compared to a work done in frustration.


These are the “bottom” attitudes people carry into their expenses and ultimately into the final design of their house. If your Life-Principle is living cheap beyond common sense, you might be in for a disaster.

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