World Climate and Its Effect on Architecture

May 10, 2017 WorldMaster


Living in the world today are 7 billion 300 million people. We are aware that we have different cultures and different race and different colors. Do you know that each spectrum of a race’s color represents a specific climate and environment? Not only does the color of our skin unlock the climate conditions our ancestors adjusted to, our clothing represents the specific condition of our climate!




The same goes for Architecture. Each race, with a specific skin color and a unique fashion code will have a unique architecture style for their environment. Our environment affects our fashion and our architecture.


Like fashion, architecture is the product of a culture’s expression. Examples of these are the material choice, whether to use wood or stone if both are available, shape – angular or curvilinear designs, ornate mouldings or simple plain details. To be specific, traditional or vernacular architecture emphasizes individuality of the designs. Yet beyond these expressions are elements in Climate are beyond the choices of man. These are 6 Elements of Climate that directly affect our Architecture.




Air Temperature.


Air temperature varies from the North and South Pole to the Equator with the Equator region having the highest air temperature.




Air temperature alone is not a sufficient measure for human satisfaction. For two rooms with the same  temperature, 24  ͦC, the room with lower humidity will be more comfortable.




Places with strong winds will be built in stone or would have ways to soften the air. Areas prone to hurricanes and typhoons like tropical region will have greater heights and use wooden materials.


Solar Radiation


The sun’s radiation will be strongest in the equator, see tropical architecture, and be weakest at the poles. Places with strong solar radiation will need insulation and air flow to cool their buildings while cold places will need to conserve heat.




Places with strong rains will have sloped thatch roof while those in dry areas with no rain will have flat roof. Areas with snow will have higher roof pitches.




So much for climate. The next time you see tribes people dressed scantily, please do not think they have loose morals, they just have a very hot climate and find a practical way to live. But if you find a young girl doing the same in a motor, show, she’s probably there to sell a bike.


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