The Allure of Tropical Paradise

May 10, 2017 WorldMaster




Lush Greens.
Vibrant Vegetation.
Exotic Palms.


This is the material of which holiday vacation dreams are made of. And why can’t they? In our past life, we live in a paradise, a garden of sweet ripe fruits, fertile soil exploding in a variety of plants and trees, in the middle of the land is a surging river which branches across the land and finally cascades into a giant waterfall.




This is not myth.


This vision resides in our unconscious. It is part of us. It is stored there until it is unlocked. It is activated when we take a glimpse of islands and tropical rainforests. Then this illusion becomes a yearning and a craving to return to this paradise.

Every year, a quarter of the population of Northern Europe and America are either googling to find their Tropical Hotel or Tropical Paradise Vacation. And the next year they keep coming back. There are 7 things why the Tropical Destination is a constant magnet in our minds.


1. Abundant Trees, Palms and Fresh Greens.

After seeing the concrete roads, the urban jungle and the sanitized glass office, people look forward to a place of  nature. They say, men were born in the outback and we are alive when we are surrounded by grass, greens and wildness.





2. Tropical Asian Buildings

The locality features buildings that you have never seen before. These buildings were not created to make the place look exotic. They evolved over thousands of years of cultural transformation. You now get to experience them firsthand.


3. Wild Greens, Gardens and Lush Flowers.

The tropic’s unique climate and weather produces a totally different variety of trees plants, leafy palms shrubs and tropical flowers.


4. Amazing Asian Hospitality

The beliefs system that you have at home is totally different in this place. In South East Asia, people believe that the abundance of heaven must be shared with the whole community.


5. The Local Language and Culture

Adding to the authenticity of the experience is the new music, new words and vocabulary that we learn from the new culture. We see new places, history and interiors.


6. Incredible Cuisine

To top the experience is the bonus of tasting the delicious local cuisine. This might be disputable but trying  something new is one experience you wouldn’t try to miss. (If it really repulses you, you have the freedom to withdraw)


7. The Affordable Cost

Most of the countries in the tropics are part of the third world. Their economies allow us to travel effortlessly  and spend a guilt-free holiday that we would never imagine to spend at home.


The beauty of the tropics is incomparable to anywhere in the world. In this region, you find the most beautiful places, scenery and culture. Time never goes back but the moments we share with family and friends in tropical paradise will stay with us for eternity.


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