Spaces to Take Note in your Construction Contract

May 10, 2017 WorldMaster



Having the right singers and musicians playing on the right song sheet is crucial to a harmonious orchestra. Getting the right professionals playing on the same “Building Plans” or more appropriately, playing on the same building team is crucial to any building construction. Starting a new building construction is an extremely exhilarating and satisfying activity. But if our construction is beset by disappointments, it can be a costly and terrifying ordeal.


Not everyone is off to a smooth start. Some people get to falter on their legal contracts. In our previous article which states that you should read and double check all documents before signing, we will now discuss those small items that can be a bane if ignored when dealing with your contractor.





The items below are the most commonly ignored items in the contract. You should mention these and not assume that your contractor has them in mind. If all else fails, it is the contract, not our expectation that will be followed.


– Fences
– Retaining Walls
– Hot Water Service (including all specifications)
– Gas Supply
– Light Fittings
– Power Outlets – quantity and locations
– Landscaping and Outdoor Paving
– Carport Floor
– Garage Doors
– Internet, tv and cable connection
– Paths and Driveways
– Window Locks
– Fly screens
– Roof Insulation
– Garden Taps
– Cupboard and Robe Shelving
– Vanity Cupboards
– Wall Painting
– Floor Tiling (including your laundry)


The items above are small yet significant. The reason that they get ignored is because there is a big potential for conflicts between the Construction Drawings and the Specifications and Contract. For example, your drawing shows a beautiful house yet your contract specifically limits the Constructed Floor Area to a smaller figure. So please try to review all documents before signing.


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